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April 5, 2009
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Sasuke entered the school. Girls running around after boys, boys running after girls.
“Troublesome.”, he thought annoyed.
This was his first day in the new High School. He had changed schools a lot recently, because of his stupid big brother Itachi who wanted  him to fit in, to be popular. But Sasuke couldn't be popular, he wasn't that type of person. He preferred to be alone.
Sasuke walked past school-people, he didn't know about and he didn't care either.
He walked to a bench and put up his iPod. He put on his headphones and started to listen at “Here I stand” by Madina Lake.
Suddenly, a blond quite muscular boy walked past him. He had ice blue eyes, shimmering blond hair and whiskers on his cheeks. He had a white tank top and pale-blue jeans with some holes in.
Sasuke watched on his tan skin.
The teenage boy moved his gaze to Sasuke's onyx eyes. Everything froze. It was like the time stopped moving.

Sasuke could hear his heart beating like crazy in his ears.
The blond boy looked frightened, but he shaked his head  and continue walking away from the raven.
Sasuke came back to reality.
“What had just happened?!”, he thought panicked. “Who was that?!”, he thought and slapped his forehead. He never ever showed emotions, but now he could feel his heartbeat under his shirt and his face flushing with red.
“Are you OK?”, a sugar-sweet girl voice asked.
Sasuke lifted his glance and stared into a jade-green gaze. It was a girl with bubblegum pink hair, she had a red ribbon in her hair, a black skirt and a white T-shirt with red dots.
Sasuke put away his headphones.
“Yes I'm.”, he answered annoyed.
“You're are the new boy, right? You're kinda cute!”, she giggled.
Sasuke shrugged and looked after the blond boy.
“Ah. I can see that you're looking after Naruto! He's hot isn't he?”, the girl said and sat beside Sasuke on the bench.
“Naruto?”, Sasuke repeated.
“Yup! He's the strongest and coolest guy here, he really have some guts!”, the girls said.
“Ah! I almost forgot! My name's Sakura!”, she added.
Sasuke frowned. Couldn't this Sakura girl just disappear?
“You're coming to the first lesson, eh? It's chemistry!”, she said happily.
“I will owe a seat for you!”, she said before running away.

Sasuke groaned and raised from the bench. He walked to the class.
“Hello everyone! Today, we have a new little guy joining our class!”, the teacher said with overrated happiness.
“Here he's!”, he said and poked on Sasuke.
Everyone was looking at him with big eyes.
“Oh no, not an emo guy..”, a dog-like boy with spiky hair said annoyed.
Sasuke frowned at this.
“Don't be so mean Kiba!”, Sakura said to Sasuke's defense.
“But look at him! It's emo all way!”, he complained.
“Shut the hell up, Kiba.”, said Neji.
“Let's continue the lesson, Sasuke you can sit beside Naruto.”, the teacher said.
Sasuke felt his heart jump.
He walked slowly to his seat, and sat down.
Naruto sighed and stared on the teacher. Sasuke shaked in his hands, he suddenly wanted to caress Naruto's big, warm hands. But he know he couldn't, he never could. He didn't want attention and according to what Sakura said about Naruto being the coolest guy on the school, he could never be friend with him.
Sasuke suddenly felt sad.
THIS IS BOYxBOY, don't like don't read, it's just as simple.
It can be some gramatic flaws.

Hello everyone XD
This is a fanfiction I'm working with. ^^
I hope you will like it :P
This is the first chapter! ^^

In this, Sasuke is uke :3 I acutally love him as uke.

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AtashiNoNikki Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
yeah!! i love NaruSasu!! your fanfic is perfect!! :love:
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lol i just read the 5th one, well i think it was the 5th one, so i just had to read the 1st one! great series!
Beny-Girl Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2009
aw hilda!! thats soo sweet!!♥
SasuNaru-starrynight Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2009
You think? *w*
Beny-Girl Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2009
yeah *o*
AnimeFreak-27 Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2009
Sorry About That I'm Going To Watch You Becaus eI Love Sasuke As Uke ;3
SasuNaru-starrynight Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2009
:3 Yay! I love him too as uke, I will write more today!
AnimeFreak-27 Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2009
Sweet :giggle:
SasuNaru-starrynight Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2009
Aww. :3
Chapter two is up now! >D
Do you watch me? :O
AnimeFreak-27 Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2009
Yes ^^
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